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(keep reading to learn more about Harmony Cat!)

What is Ukulele Kat?

Ukulele Kat is ukulele and songwriting instruction for kids. You can find Ukulele Kat videos over on YouTube! Ukulele Kat teaches music to kids in a creative and fun way, using songwriting as a vehicle for self-expression and learning concepts on a deeper level.

Through fun music activities and games, ukulele lessons and episodes (coming soon!), Kat and Harmony Cat invite kids into a magical world of musical creativity.

You can catch all of Ukulele Kat's latest videos here:

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Ukulele Kat

Kat has been teaching music to kids (and grown ups!) for over 12 years. She and her husband (who is somehow never around when Harmony Cat is present...?) have developed their own creative music curriculum centered around songwriting. They both teach at East Mountain Studio located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York. Kat has a masters degree in music from the University of North Texas. She is passionate about building confidence in kids through the amazing and creative power of music.

Outside of music, Kat loves being outdoors with her family, reading, hiking with her dog Finn, and being on her stand up paddle board!

Harmony Cat

Along the way, we’ll have the help from Kat's good friend Harmony Cat. She loves writing songs, traveling the world, and writing postcards to her friends! She also loves a good nap. And pickles are her favorite. Meow meow!

Here she is at Grand Central Station in New York City, on her way to catch a train!

“I think Kat is a really great teacher because I like learning songs with her and playing with her.”

— Mae, age 7

Get started with Ukulele Kat!

Are you brand new to the ukulele? Ukulele Kat has a fun video series especially for beginners called Getting Started on the Ukulele! This free video series is available on YouTube and comes with an AWESOME workbook full of activities you can print out and enjoy at home.

Here's what Getting Started on
the Ukulele

  • Parts of the ukulele
  • String names & finger numbers
  • What is a chord vs. a note?
  • How to tune
  • How to hold your ukulele
  • How to strum
  • Chord diagrams
  • How to play your first chord
  • How to take care of your ukulele
Get started on the ukulele!

Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

Guidance from an experienced
music teacher

Video lessons, music activities
and songwriting games

Learn music concepts in a fun
and creative way

"Kat has that rare combination in teaching -- of being both very fun and very focused. She makes lessons for my 7-year-old, who is both a ukulalien and vocalist, playful with games that are also full of skill-building. Kat's teaching style is one infused with warmth, patience and attentiveness. My daughter is finding a joy in music
that will always stay with her.

— Joanne H.

As a music teacher with over 12 years of teaching experience, and a mama of two littles, I understand how important it is to choose positive role models and influences in your child’s life

I also understand that it can be hard to find better screen time that is healthy, creative, educational and engaging... (And let's be real...not annoying!!)

As a child’s musical guide, I aim to support both you and your child. I help kids learn the fundamentals of music so they can begin creating and playing music on their own.

And I help parents understand what's going on so you can better support your child along their journey. (You may even find yourself wanting to learn a few chords on the ukulele as well!)

After years of teaching, developing curriculum, and watching countless kids absolutely light up as they begin to learn how to write their own songs, I began to dream about sharing these gifts on a grander scale. Now, with Ukulele Kat, we–my music teacher husband and myself–are so excited to share our ideas and experience with kids around the world.

Here in my music space we value self-expression, kindness, active listening, inclusion and curiosity. And we welcome mistakes as we learn!

It is our dream to add more joy to the world through progressive music education, songwriting as a vehicle for self-expression and offering a supportive space for kids to be creative.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to play some music with you and your family soon!


Why choose the ukulele?



Ukulele is an affordable instrument, and you can get a great beginner instrument for a very reasonable price!


Easy to get started

The ukulele is very friendly for beginners, and is easier on the fingers than other string instruments. After learning 3-4 chords, you'll be able to play (and write!) many many songs.



Bring your ukulele anywhere and everywhere with you! It's lightweight and small enough to toss in the car or even bring as a carryon on the airplane.


Pairs well with piano

It can be challenging to narrow it down to which instrument your child should "choose." Parents often insist on piano, while kids may be interested in trying out a few instruments before they settle on one. The concepts you learn on a ukulele easily translate to the piano, and I love using the piano keyboard as a visual reference when teaching music to both kids and adults.


It's super fun!

Just one strum and you'll agree! The ukulele is so fun to play, and it can inspire your child–and perhaps your whole family– to play more music at home.

Come learn with
Ukulele Kat!

Learn with Kat